Approach to Business

It is an exciting time to be in business.

At NERSS, we believe everything starts with discipline.  There is no miracle moment.  We bring our plans to successful conclusions using a step-by-step approach so that everyone gains confidence from actions not words.

NERSS understands that everything starts with having the right people who have a blend of humility and professional will, focused on a clear direction – a simple understanding that providing Peace of Mind and Customer Service to our customers is a winning formula.


Most security guard companies draw from a basic manpower pool, but our business rises a step above through our detailed hand-selection and screening process. Each prospective North East Regional Security Services  guard undergoes a thorough background check and verification of their qualifications. Thanks to our selective hiring process, only dedicated, career-minded professionals make it onto our team—and the compensation our employees receive is a reflection of the quality work they do each day. Employing over 75 local Professional Security Personnel means that, if it’s on the map we have the manpower to keep you Safe, Secure and Satisfied anywhere in Northern Ontario.