North East Regional Security Services wants to improve your efficiency, reduce costs and improve performance. The following components are brought together to make your operations as effective and efficient as possible:


Employee & Manager Screening

NERSS offers in depth back ground checks on new and existing employees.  We can probe deeper than most with our team of investigators.

Our capabilities include:

  • Interrogations & Investigations
  • Hiring Team Members
  • Background Checks on new or existing employees
  • Surveillance
  • Interviewing

Daily Electronic Shift Reports

All guard activities, occurrences, and recommendations are reported daily by our team for all job sites.  These shift reports are sent electronically to supervisors, management and to our valued clients.

Guard Tracking

NERSS can utilize Guard Tracking which allows managers and clients to monitor, track guard movements, review & respond to guards instantly from their browser or smartphones. This system allows for management to observe what the guard is doing, confirmation of check points, and ensures guard movement within our system.

Management can forward information to the guard instantly. For example: If a manager / or client had a concern he could relay this information in real time through their smart device right to the security guard. This improves efficiency, accountability, and most importantly profitability.

Body Camera’s

NERSS utilizes body camera’s on their security guards in certain environments.  This is a movement that will :

  • Improve guard accountability and ensure proper guard protocols are followed
  • Transparency
  • Guard efficiency
  • Helpful in resolving any guard incidents due to audio/video recording
  • Provides safety for the guards, the clients and the people on site